Have you ever thought about you own brain? It is a natural super computer that is capable of doing billions of calculations in a second.

Every time, the brain is responsible for doing something or the other. Your brain has about 86 billion neurons, only a few less neurons than half of the stars in the galaxy.

Now, let's explore the world of Science and find out the myths and truths behind the brain usage.

There are many who speak multiple languages but some even can't remember common names. Some become scientists and some always wonder what Science is.

There is a popular belief that humans only use 10 percent of their brain or intelligence. Yes, this is somewhere true, but the other belief says if a person taps on using other 90 percent of brain, he or she would remember π (3.14159) to the twenty-thousandth decimal place, which is quite impossible part.

In contradiction to this, many neurologists and researchers call this belief a “myth” and say everyone uses 100 percent of their brain. You must be trusting 'Google' and its search engine also suggests that humans use 100 percent of their brain.

Do you know, your brain weighs less than five percent of your body weight but uses a total of 20 percent of your energy reserves. No organ requires this much of your energy to work. It is the prime reason why you feel tired after putting your mind into work or study for 8-10 long hours.  

Even when you blink your eye, take a step ahead or move your hand, your brain instructs you first in mili-seconds and then you are able to do it.

If any area of your brain gets damaged, it would affect the mind. Once affected, you will never be able to lead your life like before.

Do You Know? -- South Korean resident Kim Ung-Yong had the highest IQ (210) ever recorded.

Brain buzzes even when you think it is silent and doing nothing. When you sleep, it remains active. Your heart rate drops, breathing slows, muscles relax and you respond less to the outside world, but your brain remains active while asleep.

When you dream, even then your brain is active. Sources reveal that during dreams, the brain is as active as when you are awake.

The factor behind being able to see, smell, hear or control your emotion is the most important and largest portion of your brain 'Cerebrum'.

The second most important part of the brain is Cerebellum. It is responsible for motor functions like coordination, movement, posture, balance, coordination and speech.

Now don't wonder how Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were able to accomplish so much in their life. It was not because they used a greater percentage of their brain than other people did, but because they used their brain more effectively.

Now, let your brain take rest as the article has come to end. And now, your mind has instructed you to close this window and click to some other article.

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