It is important to know what we consume with every sip. Although the continuous scientific debate over which is better for health is a contingent issue. But we are never too far from the parameters of decisively immediate effects of both on our health.

Tea, a popular beverage originated by the emperor of China contains antioxidants which prevent heart diseases and also has rejuvenating effects upon the body. On the other hand, coffee which contains caffeine makes one highly energetic and dilutes fatigue.

The variants of tea and coffee may surprisingly suit your body type. Just like a cup of herbal tea increases the immune system, unsweetened white tea scales up the amount of fluoride and also strengthens the bones. Coffee drinkers on the other hand are not only protected from several nurodegenerative disorders but also have a healthy liver.

Unfortunately, nothing really exists without side effects. These beverages which come after considerable processing are at times prone to take a toll on our health. Unchecked consumption of tea may lead to prolonged anxiety, stomach ulcers and increased blood pressure. On the other hand, Acrylamide, a substance formed when coffee is roasted at high temperatures is a major catalyst which causes cancer.  

The good news is that you may always access to decent amount of caffeine for a jolting day without regret. Provided that your cup of these rejuvenating beverage is more organic it will serve you at its best.


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