The history of soft drinks can be traced back to ancient times as people had a belief that bathing in natural springs and drinking mineral waters could cure diseases. And this practice is still followed.

Sharbat is considered to be the oldest soft drink across the globe. It was first prepared using crushed herbs, fruits and flowers in the East during the medieval periods.

Then, the first naturally prepared carbonated drink appeared around 1265 in England. Dandelion and Burdock were the most popular carbonated drinks during that time.

The drinks of those times were made of honey, lemon and water. Seller carrying barrels of the drinks on back would sell them to the people in towns.

The 18th century saw evolution of carbonated drinks in the world. In order to experiment with natural carbonated water, Joseph Priestly invented a method of infusing water with carbon dioxide and hence made carbonated water.

With its pleasant and unmatched taste, carbonated water became a popular drink among people. Later, different flavours were introduced adding with the water.

In the early 1800s, soda water was a hit in United States. Also, in 1810, first US patent was issued for the manufacture of imitation mineral waters.

Since mineral water was considered a healthy and successful beverage, pharmacists tried to improve its taste and added herbs, fruit extracts and other substances in it.

US resident Benjamin Silliman started selling soda water by dispensing them in cups and glasses. This gave birth to the soda fountain and with its major success, large factories started producing soda fountains in 1830s. The first bottled soda water was introduced in 1835 in US. Almost after 40 years, the first ice-cream soda was sold.

The famous brand 'Coca Cola' was invented in 1886 by Dr John S Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1898, 'Pepsi Cola' was invented by Caleb Bradham.

Then in 1929, the Howdy Company debuted a drink "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Sodas" and later changed its name to '7 Up'.

For diet freaks, the first diet cola was introduced in 1959. Later in 1970, Plastic bottles were started to pack the cold drinks, followed by evolution of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottle in 1973.

With so much of improvement in its taste and look in recent years, now, cold drinks are used to kill the thirst in a sunny weather, as a much-obvious drink in a party, a saviour in outing or a substitute for water. Also, no reason is required to have a chilled icy favoured soda drink.

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