Vulkano: Vulkano is a device that connects to your existing DTH set top box, while the Vulkano is connected via HDMI to the TV.

Icam:  iCam for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be used to remotely monitor your home when you are away. You need to install the free iCamSource software.

Connectify: Free program called Connectify turns your Windows 7 machine into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Download Connectify from and set it up by giving your Wi-Fi network a name and password.

Eye-Fi wireless SD card:
The Eye-Fi wireless SD card packs in regular flash memory and a Wi-Fi adapter into a standard SD card that can fit many digital cameras.

iGala Wi-Fi photo frame: The iGala Wi-Fi photo frame looks just any other 8-inch photo frame. But it's actually pretty advanced. It can be used to configure it to your Wi-Fi network.

Rovio: Rovio is a toy, but a pretty advanced one at that. The battery-powered, camera-toting and Wi-Fi enabled Rovio will wait patiently at home for your command. Connect to it from a remote location, and you will see what Rovio sees.