Dark rum and cola

You are highly confident and sure about yourself. You follow your instinct and believe in your ability.Even if someone offers you a million bucks, you will not switch your loyalty to the drink. You have experienced various facets of  life and know what's good and bad for you.

Long Island ice tea

You like your own company and don't care for others at a party.You do what you believe is right. It is this attitude that endears you to the opposite sex. You are a notorious character.


You are a very honest person and are there for your friends in good times and bad. You are impatient and want to achieve everything in life quickly. You are witty and easy to get along with.


You are not much of a risk taker.ou are very much a person of routine and don't like it when things become disorganized.You need to go out there and experience life more.


You love to work hard and party harder.You are not the one to go home after a tiring day.You believe learning never stops and are constantly improving yourself.


You dress posh on most occasions and like to make a strong impression on the opposite sex, and your bosses. You believe in style. Temper the style quotient, lest you be branded a wannabe.


You do it first and think about it later. You feel life is a challenge and you must meet it head on. You are always pushing your limits.You are adventurous and a risk taker.

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