New Delhi: With the rapid growth of world, our environment is being ignored. We must take up the responsibility of protecting our environment. This June 5 on Environment Day, go green and make a statement to save our nature.

Take initiatives in conserving the environment. You can do your bit from the following things:

Plant one sapling

Make a rapport with nature on this day. Already many trees have been axed for the comfort of human being. So let's all plant at least one tree and make the earth lush green.

Water the plants

Plants and trees are the only way of saving the environment and just like human beings, plants too need food. Water the plants at your house and celebrate this day.

Have patience

There will be dustbins in the market to throw the garbage. Even if you are in a vehicle hold on the empty packets or bottles unless you find a dustbin.

Use less paper

Try and reuse envelops and folders. Print on both sides of the sheet and try and do work on computer. Save paper.

Make less noise

Don’t honk unnecessary. There might be another vehicle or a signal. Wait for the way to get cleared.

Walk a small distance

Avoid taking out your scooter or a car to travel to some distance. Try walking for few steps that will decrease the traffic and will keep you healthy.

Let your T-shirt do the talk

When you will have something written like 'One and only earth, care and share' on your t-shirt people will get the message clear. Tell others what is on your mind.

Use cloth bags

In good old days people used to carry cloth bags to the market and bring goods. These days you have many fashionable cloth bags that will help you make a style statement as well.

Shun the car

How many of you have not yet tried the orange, red and green buses? Let environment day be a reason to give your car rest for one day. Use public transport.

Adopt the colour green

Go green on this environment day. Wear green t-shirt, eat green leafy vegetables and drink aam panna. Feel healthy and close to nature.

Save water
How about using a bucket for bath rather than a shower? Wiping your vehicle with a wet cloth rather than washing it with a water pipe? These small things will help in increasing the ground water level.

(Courtesy: City Plus)