The deal, inked between Star India and BBC Worldwide India marks the largest volume sale of "Doctor Who" in the country, read a statement.

"This partnership marks a milestone for us. It will be the first time 'Whovians' in India will be able to participate in the global 'Doctor Who' phenomenon. And it is also the first time we've concluded a major deal with Star India," Myleeta Aga, general manager, BBC Worldwide in India, said in a statement.

Aga said there has been "an increasing interest in British drama", and added "Viewers now recognise the originality of British drama, and this has caused a surge in interest in our drama series like 'Doctor Who'.

""We are very glad to be working with Star India to bring this very iconic series (including series 9 which is currently being filmed) to viewers in India," Aga said.

An interesting piece of tidbit is that 51 years ago, the very first episode of "Doctor Who" was directed by Waris Hussein, born in Lucknow."I like to think we've finally come full circle with the new modern series launching in India," said Brian Minchin, executive producer of "Doctor Who".

Touted to be the longest running sci-fi TV series in the world, the show is a significant part of British culture. It depicts the adventures of the Doctor, a Time Lord, who travels the universe in his TARDIS, a time-travelling spaceship in the shape of an old British police box.

Along with a succession of companions, the Doctor combats a variety of foes while working to save civilisations and help people in need.


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