The 32-year-old post graduate doctor, tried to commit suicide by taking two cardiac drugs to ensure definite cardiac arrest and a drug for brain damage, a method that only a doctor could have thought of. However, he was saved by doctors at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

The medical student used a unique and deadly concoction as a method of suicide. The digoxin drug that he consumed to kill himself is used to control irregular heartbeats in patients but if taken in large doses, it can cause a complete standstill leading to cardiac arrest.

According to doctors at the hospital, the challenge for them was to find an antidote for the cardiac drug he consumed which was specific to the antibody fragments,

A team of cardiologists, nephrologists and critical care specialists then attempted a charcoal-based hemoperfusion used for removing drug related toxins but rarely attempted for digoxin. The new treatment surprisingly reduced the level of toxins in his body and saved the life of the medical professional.

The report about the suicide attempt by the 32-year-old postgraduate doctor and his subsequent treatment has been published in the latest issue of the Indian Journal of Critical Care and Management.


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