Varanasi, Jan 13 (Agencies): Famous Chinese Buddhist monk Hiuen Tsang's 17-year-long journey to India in 629 AD is the focus of a new documentary by NRI filmmaker Ravi Verma.

Titled 'Hridayasutram', the film will be shot in Sarnath, Lumbini, Patna, Rajgir, Bodhgaya and Ayodhya.

'Hridaysutram' is a part of 'Mahaprajnaparamita Sutra', which inspired the monk to travel to India. Hiuen Tsang later returned to China with three copies of the sacred text and translated it into Chinese.

Bihar-born filmmaker Verma, who shifted his base to the US, is a follower of Buddhist teachings and plans to complete the documentary in the next six months.

Verma says the documentary will detail different aspects of Buddha's life but the primary focus will be on Hiuen Tsang, who travelled to India to collect authentic Buddhist parchments and spent his entire life transcribing them.

The monk later described his journey in detail in his autobiography 'Great Tang Records on the Western Regions', one of the most authentic first hand account of social and political aspects of South Asia at that time.