Veteran BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi reappointed as chairman of the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee for another year notwithstanding the raging row over his report that criticizes the Prime Minister’s Office over the the 2G scam. This buttresses the values and hallmark of Democratic establishment, while the ruling party is hellbent on diluting ethos of the democracy by putting a spanner in the proceedings of the Parliamentary Committee. The Congress-led government must learn that, the chairman of PAC constitutionally hails from the Opposition. It is a welcome step of the Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar that she asked for names for PAC chief after Dr Joshi’s stint expired and she readily accepted the name of Dr Joshi for the PAC chief when the BJP floated his name again. Her decision has not only jacked up dignity of the Lok Sabha Speaker but also dashed the hope of the ruling party. Persons sitting on high pedestal are expected to deliver such a good decision which could be reckoned as precedent in future. Despite the decision of Lok Sabha speaker, the Congress is protesting against him and rather refuting the decision of the Speaker indirectly. However, it is dismaying to observe that they have lost faith in Dr Joshi and it will have impact on the proceeding of the committee. Apart from that, they are also stating that the report submitted by him will create constitutional problems.

If the ruling party per se takes such parochial move, how will democracy and its chief institutions be strengthened? It would have been better that ruling party, particularly the Congress, would have reviewed their stand, but their reaction is not only shocking but of great concern. The Congress must know that Parliamentary panels could not work according to its whims and fancies. It would be wise for the Congress that it should respect democratic values and its precedents. The party has ridiculed the democratic establishment by creating pandemonium and stalling the proceeding of PAC. The restiveness of the Congress is understandable but it does not mean that it will scrape Parliamentary panels.