Mumbai: While many actors in Bollywood are known to be animal lovers, we learnt that Vidya Balan is extremely scared of cats. Such is the intensity of her fear that she does not like to even talk on the subject of cats.

Our source says, “It so happened at a magazine shoot in Kamalistan Studios that Vidya spotted some cats. She had just come out of her van after the lunch break and she got so scared, she climbed and stood on top of a chair and refused to get off.”

While everyone else around her was surprised, Vidya apparently told someone on the sets, “Tum isko apne ghar kyon nahi le jate?’ She even retired to her van and refused to come out until the cat was out of her sight. A unit member at the scene confirms, “It was really funny to find out that Vidya has a cat phobia. She gets really worked up around cats.”


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