With the skies opening up like never before, causing untold misery and devastation, Chennai-based 'Hotel for Dogs' started getting distress calls from worried dog owners seeking help for their pets.

It was then that they decided to move the canines to their Bengaluru hotel as they were unable to take in dogs at their facilities in Chennai, that is struggling to grapple with the nature's fury.

"As the rains keep pouring and our city is slowly sinking we have been getting a lot of distress calls from dog owners requesting us to board their dogs as they have been told to evacuate from their houses," it cited in a December 1 post on their Facebook page with pictures of dogs boarded in a vehicle.

"As we can't take in dogs at the Hotel in Chennai we have decided to help dogs to move to our Bangalore facility tomorrow," it added.

"All arrangements have been made for your dogs to travel safely to our Bangalore facility. They would be brought back once the situation is back to normal in Chennai.We have limited seats," the post added.

Shravan Krishnan is the founder of 'Hotel for Dogs' and T A Adhishwar is its Director, both alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai.

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