Margarita was an animal lover who  received unexpected honor at her funeral. It was a heart-breaking moment on March 15, 2015 when a group of stray dogs attended the funeral of Margarita. It was her routine to feed the animals gathered at her doorstep or wherever she went. It is a beautiful story of humankind!

Margarita's health took a turn for the worse in the beginning of March and she moved to Cuernavaca for her treatment. According to her daughter Patricia, on the day of the funeral, dogs formed a procession behind her hearse.

Animals began to arrive at the funeral home where her mother’s body was kept, and it was initially believed that the dogs were local to the area and welcomed at the home.

Several photos featured on the Daily Mail show more than a handful of dogs lying on the floor near her casket, seemingly paying their last respects to the woman who cared for them.

The dogs followed behind the prayers of hoarse and even returned to the funeral home. They left when her body was prepared for cremation. In addition to the loyal Margarita, a bird was also spotted inside the funeral home.

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Courtesy Daily Mail