United Nations: A top UN official Ibrahim Gambari on Thursday said that an inclusive and comprehensive agreement will end the conflict in Darfur. He was attending the All Darfur Stakeholders Conference in Sudan.

The UN said that the outcome of the talks were compiled in a final document, which will be distributed in the coming days.

It will be available for any and all parties to sign and endorse and will go toward forming the basis for a peace deal between the negotiating parties.

The five-day event was attended by representatives of the Sudanes government, armed groups and delegates from the international community, including the League of Arab States, and the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

Gambari highlighted several "obstacles" that stood in the way of peace, including ongoing military clashes between the government and rebel movements as well as the emergency and security laws in place in Darfur.

"These impediments need to be seriously addressed as we contemplate the next steps to bring the Doha outcome to the people of Darfur for enrichment, ownership and inclusive
participation and legitimacy," he said.