London: "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson says he has turned down the chance to be a guest star on long-running show 'Saturday Night Live' because he finds the thought of comedy "scary".
The 25-year-old actor, who played vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series, said he would be "terrible" if at all he tries to be funny.
"Doing comedy is impossible. I would be terrible. People have asked me to do things like 'Saturday Night Live', and there is just no way, not in a million years. That's just way too scary," he said.
Pattinson said he isn't as "crazy" as he used to be nowadays because people have certain expectations of him since he became famous.
"I used to not care about what anyone thought about anything. Now I'm forced into thinking about things if I want to have a career. Maybe it's because I'm older.
"I used to be a little bit wilder, but it's difficult to do that now. I used to want to do the craziest things, as I had no understanding that I had an audience."