Tourists and revellers from all around the globe assemble in 'Shantiniketan', the place where Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore had re-introduced 'Dol Jatra' as a spring festival in the Visva Bharati University which he founded.

Shantiniketan is situated in Birbhum district, some 165 km away from the capital city of Kolkata. The grandeur of celebrations of the festival in the university oozes the true essence of Tagore's teachings, his visions and multifaceted characteristics of his personality.

Girls donning golden sarees and garlands of fragrant flowers, and boys in traditional dhoti-kurta along with their teachers take out processions and go around the campus urging people through the very popular song - "Ore grihabasi, khol dwar khol, laglo je dol" which means, “O people in the houses, open the doors, it's Holi time”, and announce the ushering in of spring.

The vibrancy of joyous mood and a sense of festivity can be felt at Vishwa Bharti during Holi. The revelry concludes with the rendering of Tagore`s dance drama 'Mayar Khela' by the university students.