Home Minister Chidamabaram’s acceptance of fact regarding a possible domestic link to the terror blast outside Delhi High Court has only enveloped the apprehensions of people vis-à-vis the entire terror network. The challenges of internal security also get magnified, because it can be inferred from the aforesaid statement that the security forces now need to keep a tab on terrorists coming from across the border and terror fold area from within the country as well. We can overcome this dangerous move of terrorism only if we successfully identify the root cause behind some of our youth being motivated to tread on the path of terror. Undoubtedly, we also need to understand the definite cause of youth getting derailed for improper mindset in wake of terrorist activities. However, these youth do not understand that the y can attain nothing by resorting to such activities. Neither the state would yield to their demands nor can they garner popular support through terror activities. They can instill a sense of fear among the masses for the time being, but their terror activities can never create fissures among different sections of the society. It is disappointing that at a time when common people have risen to the occasion by standing united against the evil designs of the terror groups, the intelligence agencies and security forces have failed to identify and book those behind terror activities. The investigators have pointed towards homegrown groups behind all the major blasts in the country over the last two and a half years, but it is appalling that they have been unable to identify the terror modules and bring the perpetrators to justice. After every bomb blast, the police claims to have made some important headway into the case, but they have bitten dust in bringing the guilty to books at last.

Clarifying the statement of the Home Minister about the homegrown terror, the Law Minister said that Chidambaram was hinting at all types of terror groups when he spoke about the terror modules being active within the country. It is difficult to understand the rationale behind such an explanation of the Law Minister because the region and religious affiliation of the terrorists are immaterial in the fight against the menace. It is unacceptable that on one hand the government sells the argument that terrorism has nothing to do with religion; on the other it shows reluctance in exposing the roots of terrorism. If the terrorist groups have started getting recruits from within the Indian society, it should be taken as one of the most serious issues confronting the national integrity. Terrorism, be it emanating from across the border or from within the country, cannot be dealt with just by expressing concerns over it. It is unacceptable that the government has failed to exhibit the will and determination to fight terrorism. It is the result of a weak will power of the Central government where the intelligence and security agencies have failed to expose the terror network in the country. It is absurd to note that the government makes mighty claims of clamping down on terrorists, but it continues to exhibit a soft approach towards terrorists on death row. In present context, it is unlikely that any of the death convicts would walk to the gallows. It is advised that the Central government should not restrict itself to the extent of accepting the truth.