"This country's made a lot of mistakes and the war in Iraq was one of them," Trump told media.

"We got into a war, we have destabilised the entire Middle East," he said, alleging that the US President, Barack Obama, got America out of the war the wrong way.

"Because the way he did it, by announcing a specific date and by not leaving people in, was, frankly, disgusting and very, very foolish," he said.

Trump said in 2003-2004, he was the only one on the stage who said don't go into Iraq; as this would destabilise the Middle East.

"I was against the war even though I am the most militaristic person there is. I said, if you do this war, you're going to destabilise the entire Middle East. That's exactly what happened. That's why we have the migration and all of the other problems that we have right now in the Middle East," Trump said.

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