"Trump has outsourced many of his goods instead of making them in America. His products have been manufactured in at least 12 countries. Trump ties in China. Trump shirts in Bangladesh. Trump furniture in Turkey. Trump mirrors in India. And Trump barware in Slovenia," the Clinton campaign said in a memo.

The memo 'How a Trump Presidency Would Cause Damage to the US Economy and Working Families' was released by the Clinton campaign hours before Trump was to deliver a major policy speech on economy in Detroit.

The memo alleged that a Trump presidency would endanger the US economy because he would give tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations, roll back reforms that help protect Main Street from Wall Street, and he would push for an agenda that experts across the political spectrum say would lead to a recession and cost millions of American jobs.

The memo said Trump in over a year of campaigning has offered no plans to date for helping working families, no paid family leave, and no federal minimum wage and that Trump has a disastrous business record of multiple bankruptcies, stiffing contractors, outsourcing, and scamming Americans.

"Hillary Clinton wants to bring Americans together to tackle the big challenges facing the country, while Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to lead – and would tear our country apart with his dangerous ideas, divisive rhetoric, and history of harming hard-working Americans," the memo said.

"Hillary has a detailed plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. She'd make the largest investment in job creation since World War II and make college debt-free for anyone who wants to attend," it claimed.

"The same former McCain advisor who said Trump's plans would cost 3.4 million jobs and lead to a recession found that under Hillary’s plans, the economy would add 10 million jobs in her first term. She is the only candidate with a record of helping working families and a comprehensive plan to ensure working families are given a fair shot at success and opportunity," the Clinton memo said.

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