Corey Lewandowski turned himself in to police in Florida. He has been charged with one count of simple battery for 'intentionally' touching former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields on March 8.

In a video released by the local police, Lewandowski is seen as reaching his left hand between Trump and a security guard and toward Fields. He is seen holding her back as Trump passed her and continued following him through the room.

"Mr. Lewandowski was issued a Notice to Appear and given a court date. He was not arrested. Mr. Lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge," the Trump Campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said.

Fields said after the news conference that she had been trying to question Trump about judges and affirmative action when Lewandowski grabbed her roughly. She posted on Twitter a picture of purplish, finger-shaped bruises on her arm.

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