Yadav's appeal to people to visit UP came during a press conference he addressed after an investors' summit organised in the financial capital by his government to attract investors to the north Indian state.
He was asked to explain why should investors invest in a state whose name is 'maligned' due to soaring crime rate.
On the 'negative perception' about the state in media, the chief minister narrated the much-talked-about episode earlier this year wherein him watching the Aamir Khan-starrer "PK" had created a controversy, with allegations that he had illegally downloaded the movie.
"I saw 'PK' which everyone liked. I am sure you also saw the film. When I saw the film, the only mistake I committed was that I said I had downloaded the film. There is another connotation to the word 'download'.
"Newspapers published that I saw the pirated (version of) film whereas it was not the case," he said.
The UP Chief Minister's Office had then clarified that the CM has a licensed UFO Moviez digifacility to download and watch movies.
"Don't judge UP by the news (about it). Go there and experience the real UP for yourselves. I want to say that please don't link UP with such news. UP is better in every aspect," Yadav said.
Responding to a query on why people from UP migrate to other parts of the country, including Mumbai, in search of livelihood and whether he would appeal 'lakhs of people from UP working outside' for a homecoming, he quipped, "Please let me know - if there is not going to be a case against me – from where does the UP Governor (Ram Naik, who is from Maharashtra) come from?"

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