If you are suffering from symptoms that include sneezing, coughing, a blocked and stuffy nose, watery, itchy eyes and throat it could be a winter allergy attacking your respiratory system.

If it’s a winter allergy, here are some common allergy triggers around the festive period and tips on how to avoid them to ensure your allergies don’t ruin your festive mood, reports a website:

- Christmas jumpers: Wool contains Lanolin- a natural oil and a common cause of wool allergy and sensitivity. The most common symptom is skin rash. Wearing a layer between the jumper and skin can reduce this considerably. A wool allergy will also lead to the nasal symptoms and eye irritation associated with winter allergies.

How to avoid it:
The best way to prevent all the symptoms is to avoid wearing woolly Christmas jumpers all together.

- Christmas trees: Real Christmas trees may contain a group of chemicals called Terpenes which can cause allergic reactions.

How to avoid it: Opt for a fake Christmas tree, if not, wash the tree thoroughly before you bring it indoors.

- Christmas decorations:
Generally, festive decorations are kept in storage due to which they gather dust. It is the ideal breeding ground for dust mites which are one of the most common causes of indoor allergies.

How to avoid it:
Dust off your decorations outdoors.


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