Here we share some makeup habits that you should avoid in order to protect your skin from possible harm:

1. Sharing someone else’s makeup:

We share a lot of things with our friends and family but sharing makeup can have undesired consequences. For instance sharing eye makeup can spread infections like conjunctivitis and sharing lipstick can result in cold sores or chapped lips.

2. Using expired makeup:

Makeup has an expiration date and if you are using an expired one then it can result in skin irritation, allergic reaction or conjunctivitis. So if you are using your makeup after a long time, make sure to note down its expiry date.

3. Sleeping with makeup on:

Never go to sleep with your makeup on as this can prove harmful for your skin and eyes. Foundation, blusher, and other skin products can block your pores and may even come in contact with eyes when asleep. You must immediately do away with this habit.

4. Eyelash extensions:

Getting eyelash extensions involves chemicals based glues thereby putting your eyes in direct contact with some strong solutions. This might lead to skin and eye irritation and in extreme cases losing the eyelashes. Losing eyelashes results in weakening of eyesight. It is highly recommended that you should use lash extension only on special occasions and in moderation.

5. Applying eyeliner to your waterline:

Applying eyeliner to the waterline is the fad but it can lead to infections and could be harmful to your eyes. So you must apply eyeliner only to outer lash lines.

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