State Congress vice president Pramod Salgaocar was speaking at a party function in Panaji held to welcome newly appointed state president Luizinho Faleiro.

"Media persons should not report on our fights," Salgaocar said.

Later, she said that there were things of far greater significance in Goa to write about than the internal fights of the Congress party.

Addressing media Salgaocar said, "What are these fights in the party you all write about? Aren't there more important things to write?"

The comments come at a time when Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has repeatedly and publicly asked think tanks and business groups in Goa to shun the media during discussions and deliberations.

Salgaocar also asked party leaders to stop washing their dirty linen before the media.

The Congress in Goa is known for its internal bickering, with several spats regularly playing out in the print and electronic media.

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