In an editorial, ‘War Talk’, the newspaper said that "At a time when tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) are abating somewhat, all talks of war, no matter how theoretical, should be avoided. The art of diplomacy requires statesmen to say what is helpful to the cause of peace rather than just spout inflammatory truths.”

Prime Ministers of both countries were engaged in a war of words when Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was quoted by a Pakistani daily as saying on Wednesday that Kashmir ‘can trigger a fourth war’ with India.

Manmohan Singh, in a sharp riposte, said that there is no scope of Pakistan winning a war with India in its lifetime. Sharif's office later issued a statement, strongly denying that he made the remark.

The daily said that as long as both countries lay claim to Kashmir and are unable to reach an agreement there is a chance of war breaking out.

"India has a massive troop advantage on Pakistan and has got the better of us in previous wars. Since neither country wants a mutually destructive nuclear war, India might retain the edge in conventional military terms," the editorial said.


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