Dehradun: The mass suicide case of 10 members of a family by jumping in Shakti Nahar in Vikas Nagar took a new turn. While eight bodies were recovered from the river, the police was still in search of a man and a woman of whom the missing man was found hanging from a tree on Wednesday.

The police was informed of a man found hanging from a tree in Telpura on Shimla Byepass. Brother Bobby and uncle Kishore identified the deceased as Manoj, the man who was reported missing as he was considered to have committed suicide along with eight members of the family.

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case against alive Kailasho Devi, along with daughters Rita (alive), Sonu (missing), Ravita (dead) and Hemant (dead) and son-in law (found hanging) for murder of six innocent children, attempt to suicide and leading to commit suicide.

However in her statement, Kailasho Devi recuperating at Doon Hospital accused son-in law Shokendra of forcing the family members to commit suicide. Shokendra is the husband of her daughter Rekha who died of kidney failure, compelling the sisters into depression.

According to Kailasho Devi, Shokendra wanted to keep his three daughters with him after his wife Rekha’s death. She said, to save the daughters from his grip, they were forced to commit suicide along with other six children.

For the record, the bodies discovered form the river were identified as Hemant (32), Ravita (30), Pradun (11), Pratham (8), Anmol (4 months), Muskaan (6), Tina (8) and Diya (4) while Kailasho‘s third daughter Sonu (22) and son-in-law Manoj (30) were reported missing. But the question is, whether Sukindra had to take this step to save the girls.