It is better to know the right way to make body parts like eyes, collar bones, shoulders and leg shine.

Ishika Taneja, international makeup expert and executive director of ALPS Beauty Clinic, recommends using glitter in a very restricted manner on the face.

“The safest way is to use it on the eyes. Apply a base colour on the lids, preferably a strong pigment. Then take the glitter in the same colour (or the same colour family) and apply on the outer corners of the eyes or as a liner for instant glamour. To balance the look, keep rest of the face subtle,” Taneja said.

For the body, she suggests to apply a small amount of glitter on clean and dry skin. Then gently spread it with a round fluffy makeup brush that ensures even application.

“Another way to do it is to mix a small amount of glitter with a body lotion and apply all over the exposed parts of your legs, shoulders, upper arms, collarbones and cleavage. This ensures an overall subtle shimmer on body. For a chiseled look, mix a small amount of glitter with bronzer and contour your body parts,” she said.

For application on skin, it needs to be dry. But, make sure your hair is not dry and frizzy if you wish to use the product.

“Use spray on for best result. Take a small section of hair and apply the glitter through the entire length to create streaks of colour. You can do it at two or three different sections of your hair. The glitter should be the final step after you have styled your hair,” said Taneja.

It might look all easy to use the product, but she advises to use a body scrub to flake off dry and rough skin.

“Follow it up with a generous dose of moisturizer. Let the moisturizer sink in completely before applying glitter,” she said.

Taneja advises not to apply glitter on rashes or cuts as it will irritate skin further.

For cheeks, she suggests highlighter instead of glitter.

Once the party is over, make sure to take shower and use baby oil to remove all the glitter before you call it a night.


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