Karnataka Governor Hansraj Bhardwaj’s words of praise for Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa in a government function, exposes the double standards being practiced by individuals holding Constitutional posts. Sharing the dais for the first time with BSY after recommending the President’s Rule in Karnataka, Hansraj Bhardwaj said: “It must be understood that the Chief Minister is the elected representative of the state. He has got massive majority .so, nobody ever disputes that we are not friends .” If Bhardwaj did not make the statement on a lighter note, however, he must realise that by recommending the President’s Rule here, he has shown utter disregard for the Constitution of India. If he is truly committed to the protection of Constitutional provisions, he should know that the majority of a state government is tested on the floor of the House and not in Raj Bhawan. Having known that Bhardwaj is a legal expert and a former Law Minister, his conduct as Karnataka Governor is even more astounding. It appears that Bhardwaj’s ability to make prudent judgement has been eclipsed by his ego of being a legal luminary. Or else, he must realize that by recommending the President’s Rule in Karnataka he has not only embarrassed the Centre but he himself has acted in a manner unbecoming of a Governor. It’s beyond comprehension that on one hand he is seconding Yeddyurappa’s claim of enjoying majority in the house, on the other, he is unwilling to accept the plea of the state Cabinet to call an immediate Assembly session till the Centre decides on his recommendation. Does he still believe the Central government will accept his recommendation and impose the President’s Rule in the state?

There is nothing wrong in the BJP’s demand to recall Bhardwaj as the Governor of Karnataka despite the change of stance by the latter towards the BSY government. Nothing but Bhardwaj’s partisan conduct is responsible for the ruling party’s demand for his removal. The fact that he did not act in a transparent manner is largely responsible for his new-found image of a Congress leader standing in opposition to the Yeddyurappa government than a protector of a Constitutional post of Governor. His partisan behaviour has been exposed right from the day one after he entered Raj Bhawan in Bangalore. It is difficult to comprehend why does the Central government nominate active politicians as Governors at the risk of devaluating the coveted post? Is there a dearth of eminent personalities with better attributes and administrative skills in the country? If this does not work, then the Centre must stop nominating individuals as Governors who are governed by the idea of serving the party interests than the Constitutional dignity. The Congress must realize that the party is equally responsible for such embarrassment being faced because of Hansraj Bhardwaj.