New Delhi: Per capita availability of water in the country has declined to one-third in the past 65 years, Water Resources Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal informed the Rajya Sabha on Monday.
Enough water was still available if the scarce natural resource was used judiciously, he said during the Question Hour.

"65 years back water available per capita has reduced to one-third," he said. "A national water policy is on the anvil. I will soon announce that."

Bansal said that he felt Rajasthan was not getting its share of Yamuna water.

Water being a state subject, the role of the Centre is of a facilitator in inter-state water disputes, he said urging state governments to quickly arrive at mutually agreeable solutions.

The Upper Yamuna River Board (UYRB) has identified the possible reasons as losses in the carrier system and unauthorised lifting of water by farmers in Haryana.

UYRB has advised Haryana and Uttar Pradesh from time to time to release the full quantum of Rajasthan's share of Yamuna water at Okhla and to stop the unauthorised lifting of water, he said.

"Haryana has informed the UYRB that all the pumps drawing water illegally have been shut down. Besides this, all pipes have been removed and special Police Stations have also been established to stop unauthorised lifting of water," he said.

As the capacity of existing carrier system was inadequate, Rajasthan had submitted a proposal for the construction of new canals and structures along with modernisation and extension of existing canals.