‎New Delhi: The adulterated ‘Kuttu Atta’ (buckwheat flour) continues to affect many of its consumers. After Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, it was Gwalior where dozens of people reportedly fell ill after they consumed food items made of spurious Kuttu atta.

Many people, in the Taraganj area, who fell ill when they consumed adulterated kuttu atta on Wednesday, were being treated in a city hospital.

Family of Mukesh Pal was amongst the many sufferers. A resident of Shitla colony of Kampu station area, Mukesh was on fast with his mother and wife when he consumed the food items prepared from adulterated kuttu atta. Thereafter, they started vomiting and were taken to hospital after their condition started deteriorating.

Mukesh’s neighbour, Rani Narvariya too fell ill after consuming food made from kuttu atta. Her relatives got her admitted to the nearby hospital. Dr Sanjeev Bansal said, “It seems a case of food poisoning, but the condition of patients deteriorated very much that’s why they have to be admitted into ICU.”

They purchased the atta from Jain grocery store located near their home. The shopkeeper said, “I bought the atta from flour pulse market.”

Apart from this, there were reports from other areas where people fell ill after consuming kuttu atta, but the situation is under control. The Health officials collected the samples of the flour from various shops and later sent them to a laboratory.

It is suspected that high demand of kuttu atta may have caused adulteration.