New Delhi: Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Department of Congress, Dr Karan Singh has raised questions on the Kashmir policy formulated by the first Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Congress MP and former Union Minister Singh has directly accused Nehru for helping Sheikh Abdullah leading the campaign against his father and the then the ruler of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir Hari Singh.

Singh added that his father had maintained silence else the hard-hitting statements could have deeply embarrassed the Indian government.

On the sidelines of a book release function recently, Singh raised questions on Nehru’s role in Jammu Kashmir government during the time of partition. He has clearly stated in the book written by Harbans Singh-‘Maharaja Hari Singh: The troubled years’- that Sheikh Abdullah had dismissed Hari Singh.

In the book, Singh has mentioned that his father had suggested a better agreement regarding India-Pakistan partition. But, Abdullah took advantage of Nehru and dismissed Hari Singh from the then government itself. He also accused Abdullah for running campaign against Dogra from 1931.

During the release of the book, he said, “If Hari Singh and Sheikh Abdullah had come to an agreement on the state soon after accession, the whole history of the sub-continent would have been different.”