New Delhi: Considering the rampant demand of electronic products in India, the Central government is all set to introduce a National Policy on Electronics. As per the new policy, 200 electronic clusters will be established in the country.

Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Kapil Sibal, released the draft policy, on electronics, on Monday, which aims to generate 2.8 crore jobs in the decade.

Announcing the draft policy, Sibal said, “By 2020 the electronic market in India is expected to rise to USD 400 billion. Following the current rate of growth, the domestic production could cater to a demand of USD 100 billion in 2020 while the remaining USD 300 billion demand will be fulfilled by the import, which may exceed oil import.”

The new policy aims at setting up electronic clusters in the country. For this, the electronic manufacturing units will get aid from the government. Especially, those companies manufacturing microprocessors will be motivated.

Apprising the importance of the policy in maintaining national security, Sibal said the it will boost the growth of India in defence, nuclear energy and aeronautical sectors.

“Under the new policy, the government will provide assistance to centres catering to the Indian industries, scientists and other organisations. Funds will be sanctioned for developing environment friendly technology, convergence and research work," said the Telecom Minister.

It has been learnt that expert opinions were considered for the draft policy on electronics. Within a month the government will give final shape to the draft by introducing National Policy on Communication and Information Technology. It is expected that the Union government will try to get Cabinet approval on the three new policies by the year end.