Siddharthanagr (Jagran News Network): Invariably hitting the Indian economy by sending Chinese stuff in the market, China has this time supplied carrots in the country. Tonnes of smuggled carrot worth millions are being sneaked in the country through the open border adjoining Nepal.

In what has impacted the surrounding local farmers, the unabated entry of smuggled vegetables from China has adversely affected the business of locally grown vegetables for the past several weeks, upsetting the farming community here.

The Chinese carrots these days are doing booming business in the Indian districts bordering Nepal. The large-sized red carrots are being sold at Rs 10 per kg in the native region as compared to the indigenous carrots which are smaller in size and costing Rs 15 per Kg.

The slump of prices has been causing thousands of farmers to suffer huge losses following the sudden influx of smuggled carrots from China.

Holding Indian government responsible for the increased demand of Chinese carrot and thus the plight of the farmers in the region, a leading farmer Vijay Singh said, “The Government of India is indifferent towards encouraging hi-tech agricultural activities. China, on the other hand is giving agriculture importance equal to Science and technology.”

The farmers and traders claim, backdoor smuggling is detected when the prices of the locally produced vegetables drop to abnormal levels. Earlier, China made attempts to affect the economy through the illegal entry of apples and onions. 
Sensing the gravity of situation, intelligence agencies of India have become active.

 “Serious attempts would be made to check the illegal trade of Chinese carrots in the region,” said SP J Ravindra Gaur pointing that he is new to the region.

It was known that red-coloured Chinese carrots are illegally brought to Nepal’s Khasa district through Lahasa district of Tibet. The carrots from there are smuggled into the Indo-Nepal border from where it is pushed into Indian territory.

The Chinese carrot is brought through those tractors and trolleys used for transporting fertilizers from India to Nepal.