Gwalior: The increasing rate of terrorism across the globe has even increased the threat of chemical weapons. In the wake of this threat, countries of African continent have decided to undergo a training programme at the Defence Research and Development Establishment (DRDE) here.

In the DRDI laboratory in Gwalior equipments and weapons are being developed not just to fight nuclear attack but also the attack where chemical weapons are used.

The training programme will be for a month but due to security reasons the name of the African countries cannot be revealed, said DRDI Associate Director Veer Singh, adding “We have been researching on chemical weapons and have also developed few weapons and techniques.”

After the successful use of these techniques by the Indian Army, many countries have also showed their interest. In an international show in Tunisia held last year, DRDI has showcased its products which were recognised and praised by many countries. The laboratory has developed at least fifty such weapons which would be helpful against both nuclear and chemical attacks.

DRDI will also be imparting training to the African countries on production, implementation and chemical side effects of the products.