Bhopal: Supporting the idea of bestowing highest national award Bharat Ratna on master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and God of Indian Cinema Amitabh Bachchan, dream girl Hema Malini said, “I do not regret not having borne a son as girls are walking shoulder to shoulder with boys in every field.”

The cine actress and dancer Hema Malini was here on Tuesday to present a programme based on the theme ‘Daughter’ on the occasion of the Madhya Pradesh Foundation Day.

Talking to reporters, she said, “I have no regret that I do not have a son as I am very happy with my two daughters Esha and Ahana. They will eventually bring sons in form of their grooms.”

She said, “People do not want daughters but girls are excelling in every field and often leave behind boys in various sectors.”

It may be noted that Hema Malini is a Bharatiya Janata Party representative in Rajya Sabha from Karnataka.

Answering to a question, she said, “I have not come here to perform free of cost. I am part of a dance troupe that performs the dance-drama ‘Durga’, therefore only necessary expenditure is being charged.”
She said if she would have been the lone performer, then this question could have been raised.