Broccoli sprouts are a source of glucoraphanin - a compound that generates sulforaphane when the plant is chewed or the beverage swallowed. It acts to increase enzymes that enhance the body's capacity to expunge these types of pollutants.

"Air pollution is a complex and pervasive public health problem," said John Groopman, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in US.

"This study supports the development of food-based strategies as part of this overall prevention effort," Groopman added.

Diets rich in cruciferous vegetables, of which broccoli is one, have been found to reduce risk of chronic degenerative diseases including cancer. For the study, researchers conducted a 12-week trial that included 291 participants who live in Jiangsu province in China.

The study appeared in the journal Cancer Prevention Research. Air pollution, an increasing global problem, causes as many as seven million deaths a year worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).


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