Rudraprayag: Walking miles for water has become a common phenomenon in this part of the world. The drinking water crisis in the Himalayan city of Rudraprayag seems far from over as the recent revelations exhibit the deplorable condition of government run water supply projects in the belt.

In a recent exposure, the natives of Agastamuni block in Rudraprayag are forced to lead a troublesome life as the Rs 1 crore “Sari-Chamshil Drinking Water Supply Plan” has turned out to be the source of problem here.

The pathetic condition of pipelines is affecting the water supply heavily in the region. As a result, the people are not spared of the trouble of trekking miles together carrying water pitchers on their head in the Himalayan region.

The water supply project that was started in 2009 aimed at providing drinking water to five villages under Rudraprayag district including Gwad, Sari, Chamshil, Jhalimath and Harijan.

The project received the approval of the government in 2007 after which the construction work was completed promptly by the Drinking Water Board in 2009. Moreover, the water supply was hurriedly started in the region without taking care of installation of storage tanks for the purpose.

Making the condition more worrisome, the pipelines in the mountainous region are not laid as per the rules and standards required for installing them. As a result, the incidents like breakage of pipelines are very common here.  As per the rules, the pipelines must be installed 60 cm below the ground to avoid breakage.

A local said that no actions were taken by the administration so far.

Responding over the dismal condition of water supply, SK Vikas, Superintendent Engineer, Water Board said “We are looking into the matter. The breakage of pipes will be repaired soon and the water supply will resume at the earliest.”

Meanwhile, Kedarnath MLA Aasha Nautiyal condemned the negligence of the authority and assured of immediate action in the matter.