The court's observations came on an appeal filed by a truck driver challenging his conviction and two years sentence by a magisterial court in a 14-year-old rash and negligent driving case which resulted in death of a scooter rider coming from an opposite direction.
"Any person driving a vehicle on the road is supposed to respect the rights of others, using the road. He is supposed to have complete control over his vehicle and is required to drive the same on correct side i.e. left side of the road and not to intrude upon the space meant for the traffic coming from the opposite direction," Additional Sessions Judge Kanwal Jeet Arora said.
The court, while dismissing the appeal regarding his conviction, also said the "duty of driver of a vehicle becomes more onerous while driving the vehicle on a single road i.e. the road without a middle verge".

The court, however, reduced the two-year jail term awarded to Bharat Singh by the trial court to one-year sentence and imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 by taking into account that he was 50-year-old and now physically challenged.

It added that he has faced the agony of a protracted trial. According to the prosecution, Singh while driving the truck on April 1, 1998, over sped at a police check-post here defying the signal to stop. This resulting in a chase by the traffic police personnel.
It said that police followed the truck for quite a distance and during the chase, he did not allow the police gypsy to overtake his vehicle which resulted in him driving his truck on wrong side of the road.

While driving the truck on the wrong side, Singh hit scooterist Amresh Kumar coming from the opposite side, leading to his death.

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