Lucknow: It is sad when there is no drug for disease and suffering of patient gets aggravated, but it is quite surprising and disappointing when there could be a cure for a disease but its medicine has failed to reach the market.

The drug manufacturing company has failed to launch a diagnostic kit in the market, which can help cure Tuberculosis. After two years lapsed, the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) is going to start a fresh licencing process for the diagnostic kit.

The CDRI had given the licence to Biotron. Developed by CDRI, the kit can detect TB within 48 hours whereas the present tests confirm the disease in eight weeks.

The main USP of the kit is to save time of curing the patients. The kit had got American patent and apart from Command hospital it is used in other hospitals too.

Head of Department, Microbiology, Dr Ranjana Srivastava said that since the drug company was unable to bring the kit to the market, the licence will be given to some other company now.

The kit might be included in the national programme against TB so that the patients are easily identified.

Director General CSIR Dr Sameer Brahmachari attached prime importance to fighting against TB. Under the Open Source Drug Discovery Programme, scientists of CSIR along with CDRI are trying to explore a new medicine to cure TB. Some new molecules have also been found in this regard.

Diagnostic Kit:

According to Dr Ranjana Srivastava, to detect TB, clinical samples like saliva, blood, etc are taken. Then, the samples are matched with the TB micro bacterium of the DNA present in the kit. The result is generated in 48 hours.