New Delhi: The lifeline of Delhi commuters is suffering huge loss following the low pressure of the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) bus depot due to which the buses are running without sufficient gas in the capital.

According to sources in the department, this has caused the DTC to suffer losses worth crores every month.

To find a solution in this regard, a meeting was held between the senior officials of Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) and the DTC. But even after a month’s deadline, the situation remains the same.

The DTC is mulling over taking penal action against the IGL.

As per the senior officials in the Corporation, the DTC has 46 bus depots out of which 36 are equipped with CNG pumps. One DTC bus has a capacity of 100 kilos gas and it goes to the depot for re-fuelling when 10 kilos are left.

While going to the depot for re-filling, the buses are empty. There is no sufficient pressure in the CNG filling pump in bus depots of east Delhi including IP Depot and Millennium Depot.

DTC’s Chief General Manager (Operation and Technology) GS Malhotra said that all depots should have 200 bar for providing gas in buses which is never achieved.

DTC senior depot manager and spokesperson VK Gautam said the problem persists in all depots.

Meanwhile, IGL spokesperson said that the low pressure in all depots is owing to repair works. The problems will be solved soon.