New Delhi: The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has expressed its concern over the increasing number of passengers travelling without tickets.

Vijay Kumar Dev, Chairman of the DTC, said, “After outer Delhi route, the central Delhi route is the second highest where as many as 24,000 commuters travel without tickets everyday.”

These startling figures were revealed after an eight-day campaign. Dev said, “The passengers travelling on the Outer Delhi route start fighting when they asked to show tickets.”

“It is astonishing to know that people in VIP areas also travel without ticket. They are educated and familiar with law and regulation. Most of these are government employees.

When they are asked to show tickets, they flaunt their I-cards which are not valid as per the rules of DTC,” he added.

The position of Special Metropolitan Magistrate in the DTC office is vacant for years now. Hence, the passengers caught traveling without tickets cannot be fined or sent to jail.

Now, the DTC will send a letter to all government offices in central Delhi proposing them to directly pay the authority from the employees travel allowances (TA), in return DTC will provide the monthly passes to all employees.