New Delhi: With the implementation of four-year Undergraduate Programme, Delhi University has done some major changes in its course structure to befit requirements of the said programme. Students  with their chosen Honors subject (Discipline 1) aspiring to study in the university would be required to opt another minor subject outside their chosen discipline (Discipline 2).

Discipline 2 courses are available as a comprehensive list of options from various subjects. It consists of six papers which a student would study from third semester onwards.

This inter-disciplinary course structure is said to be beneficial for the students. “The minor subjects are comprehensive in nature and increase the scope of learning for the students. It is a more practical approach and gives better learning opportunities to students by exposing them to a different discipline,” said Dr. Mala Kapoor Shankardas, professor, department of sociology, Maitreyi College.

It is believed that the new syllabus structure provides students with hands down skills required to apply the theoretical knowledge of their subjects in their day to day life, as it places more emphasis on the practical aspects of the subject. 

(Mesha Murali/JPN)