New Delhi: At a time when people turns blind and deaf in speaking against any crime, a  teenage girl has taken a courageous step to nab a pickpocket in Civil Lines area of New Delhi.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening when the girl was returning home from her college.

The girl, student of Shri Ram college of Commerce, had boarded a Mudrika cluster bus with her friend from Vishwa Vidyalaya metro station. At some distance, she realized that someone was trying to take her cell phone out from her pocket. After detecting it, she made an attempt to catch the pickpocket but he and his accomplice de-boarded the bus and started running to escape.

Seeing this, the girl jumped off from the bus and nabbed one of them. However, the partner of the pickpocket fled away with girl’s cellphone.

After receiving the information, Police reached the spot and arrested the pickpocket.


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