New Delhi: A group of final year students of Delhi University, who were eagerly awaiting their results, got quite a shocker when results posted online showed an 'absent' mark against one of their English papers.
The English (hons) students of Vivekananda college had written all their exams and were shocked to find an 'Essential Repeat' instruction against their names when the results were posted online on Sunday night.
Flabbergasted, they rushed to their college to find what went wrong, but college records showed they were very much present and had written the paper.
This followed three days of running from pillar to post before their problem was finally addressed after a personal intervention by the Dean of Examinations.
"Twenty of us in a series of roll numbers were marked 'Not Appeared' in the paper. We were shocked and troubled, all the more, because many of us had to report for admissions on Thursday," said a student, who requested not to be named.
After securing a letter of verification from their principal, who also faxed the examination attendance sheet to the concerned department, the students rushed to the Office of the Dean of Examinations this morning.
"The officers at the examination office asked us to submit an application but refused to give any receipt or acknowledgement we could produce at the time of our admission," said another student.
After hours of camping at the Examination Office in despair, the students were lucky to catch the attention of the Dean, Prof H P Singh, who then inquired about their issue and intervened to expedite a solution.
It turned out that due to an error, the answer sheets of this group of students had been mistakenly sent to a wrong department. These were retrieved after Singh gave instructions, and then assured the students their post graduate admissions would not suffer.
"The issue has been resolved and the correct marks are being uploaded immediately," Singh said.
The students were a relieved lot when their correct marks were posted online tonight, giving them a correct marksheet ahead of admissions.


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