Led by Dr PP Venugopal, Head of Emergency Medicine of Aster DM Healthcare Kerala, the team includes doctors, paramedics, Emergency Medical Care Technicians and clinical pharmacists. The catastrophic natural calamity that has engulfed Chennai is beyond imagination and tells us that we are all helpless when nature strikes. As the flood waters recede, the real problems will surface, and we know it will be most critical to manage the impact of communicable diseases and related issues.

As a socially responsible healthcare organization, this is the time when we should be most active. I hope the Aster DM Disaster Management Team is able to help in a way and at a time when it matters the most,' Dr Azad Moopen, Chairman, Aster DM Healthcare said.

The 25-member strong Aster DM Disaster Management Team will be stationed in three camps as part of a coordinated multi-team response to the floods. The aim is to reach as many flood affected victims as possible, many who in desperate need of medical care. We have kept more team members on standby and are prepared to bring them to Chennai if required," said Dr PP Venugopal, Head of Emergency Medicine of Aster DM Healthcare Kerala.

The people of Chennai and surrounding areas are in great need of medical care and we are glad to put our machinery into motion and launch this humanitarian mission," said Dr Harish Pillai, CEO of Aster Medcity & Cluster Head Kerala, Aster DM Healthcare

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