The 158-acre holy Quran park, which is expected to be completed by September next year, is in the third and final stage of its construction.
"The plants mentioned in Quran are 54 items that include fig, pomegranate, olive, corn, leek, garlic, onion, lentil, barley, wheat, ginger, pumpkin, watermelon, tamarind, seder, vineyards, bananas, cucumbers, basil etc. Planting of total 31 items of these plants are already completed," Director of General Projects Department, Mohamed Noor Mashroom said.
"And the remaining 20 items will be planted in the third stage, while three plants are not available on the earth," he said. The first stage of levelling was done using the construction wastes and other reusable waste materials, saving USD 3.2 million of the total estimated cost of USD 7 million.
In the second stage, planting of 32 hectors and other facilities have been finished. A glass building will accommodate 15 plant items, besides others being planted in different gardens.
"The area allocated for the miracles of Quran will include an air conditioned tunnel to show miracles and stories of the Holy book. A lake in the middle of the park will give a look and real feeling of an oasis surrounded by fascinating trees and sands for the visitors," Mashroom said.
The project was announced during the 1000th meeting of the technical committee of Dubai Municipality, held in the beginning of 2013 and is estimated to cost USD 7 million.


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