Having been backed by Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, the Congress and DMK members, baffled the PAC’s report, which is a vitriolic indictment of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram for facilitating the 2G Spectrum-gate. Nevertheless UPA members elected their chairperson and simply rejected the PAC report. This is literally against the Parliamentary precedent and laid down norms. Besides, it is a sort of ruling party’s machination. The high-voltage drama shows the Congress in poor light, where it is somersaulting to settle scores in the wake of pursuing parochial interests. Understandably, the ruling party is in thick of problems, but it doesn’t mean that they would get leeway to bend democratic rules and regulations. Putting PAC report in limbo by the Congress with the help of opportunist SP and BSP will hardly have any match. It seems that the SP and the BSP willingly make effort to sink their credibility and public image as the Congress has been doing. When the nation is charged with anti-corruption move, scuttling the report of PAC, which is probing 2G spectrum scam, will cost the political parties dearly. Whatever the logic may be, it is crystal clear that the ruling party is stonewalling the PAC report as it directly indicts PMO and the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram. This fact is not alien to the country as the Supreme Court per se called spade a spade that the PMO had failed to contain the arbitrariness of former Telecom Minister A Raja in the allocation of 2G spectrum. The nation could not forget that the Apex Court did not only reprimand the Prime Minister for his laxity in ordering probe into the 2G scam but also directed him to issue affidavit in this context. 

The PMO will definitely face heat for its goof. Does the ruling party like PAC to prepare such a report which would have high words for the Prime Minister for bungling in the allocation of 2G spectrum? It is funny that the government is trying to put the reality under wraps, notably being well familiar to aam adami. Trying to reject the PAC report will give impression that the ruling dispensation is involved and it has let the 2G scam happen. The fact of the matter is that the Congress-led government will have far-reaching ramification, as they have been trying to bury the reality from day one. First, giving clean chit to A Raja, then faulting CAG report about loss of exchequer in the wake of 2G spectrum scam, moving mountain to stop forming JPC and now stalling the PAC report altogether will eventually reflect Congress’ dubious intention plunging the party image in the soup.