Ducati was among the first international premium two-wheeler brand to start selling bike in India in way back 2008. But at that time the company has started its venture with undersized and ill-equipped Indian distributor, Precision Motor, which failed to provide both sales and after sale services. As a result, Ducati failed to capture Indian market the way it wanted and eventually incurred heavy loss.

In order to overcome the problems faced in the past, the two-wheeler manufacturer has decided to take over distribution and operations from Precision Motors. Ducati is now readying own dealership network in India which is expected to be fully operational very soon. Until then, Precision Motor will continue to provide customers with service support.

According to reports, Ducati is now part of the vast Volkswagen Group and will take aid from its parent company in setting up dealerships in India. It is most likely that Audi dealerships in India could be roped in to set up Ducati dealerships as well.