Justice Arun Tandon and Justice M P Shahi from Allahabad, who were the first visitors of the Dudhwa National Park, officially inaugurated the tourist season in Dudhwa today, Deputy Field Director, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, Vinod Krishna Singh said.

One-year-old elephant calf Suheli and another elephant calf Vinayak welcomed the first visitors at the entry gate, he said.

It is a custom in Dudhwa that the first visitor inaugurates the tourist season in the park.

Singh said on the inaugural day today, the visitors were allowed free entry into the park till 11 AM.
He said around 155 tourists visited the park on Saturday.

Singh said several new attractions have been added to the park for the visitors.

For the first time, a stall has been set up at Dudhwa where handicraft items and spices prepared by local tribal people have been put on sale.

Moreover, for the first time, women guides have been engaged to facilitate visitors.

"Visitors have been asked not to litter garbage inside the park, but to keep them in the wastage bag provided to them. Moreover, they have been asked to leave their private vehicles at Dudhwa and visit the park by the vehicles arranged by the park," Singh said.

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