With the Goddess seeming to bless the entertainment industry, Pallimangal Samity Puja in Jodhpur Park takes visitors on a nostalgic 'filmi' journey with the theme 'Cannes to Kolkata'.
The entry has been designed to resemble old cinema halls here like the Metro cinema at the Esplanade with visitors being able to see images from over 130 films which have touched the hearts of millions of people all over the world.
Hindi and Bengali films like 'Anthony Firingee', 'Joy Baba Felunath' and 'Kahaani' which have depicted Durga puja on celluloid are among the movies which have been showcased in the pandal. Also films which have won awards at the prestigious Cannes film festival can be seen at the Puja.
Narayan Roy, the organizer, said that scenes from some of the best films ever made in France and India are being screened on a LCD monitor inside.
A portion of the pandal has been made to resemble a studio with props, camera, and light and sound equipment to give visitors a feel of what goes behind the scenes during a shoot.


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